MBSE Implementation

  MBSE Implementation

Systems Modelling Method Development

Beside processes, modelling languages, and modelling tools, the modelling method is a key pillar for the success of a MBSE adoption. Without a modelling method, you will get different systems models from different modelers.

A method does not exist that can be easily applied one-to-one for all applications. Therefore, organizations need to customize their own method to address their unique needs. The final aim is to have a common systems modelling method that clearly defines the best way to support systems modelers in capturing and representing their information in the same way and with better quality.

The systems modelling method spans over different levels of abstraction, such as an analysis from operational, functional, logical, and technical perspectives or according to a breakdown of your product into its subsystems and components.

SysML Profile Implementation

The standard SysML profile addresses a general and application-independent set of stereotypes that need to be customized in order to reflect your organization’s design and development artefacts. With this service, I support you in identifying and defining the list of stereotypes that best reflect your artefacts and assist you further to incorporate this information in your systems modelling tool.

Model Verification and Validation

To ensure that the delivered systems models has the desired quality and satisfies your defined goals, it is necessary to perform appropriate verification and validation tasks.

Verification ensures that the created systems models have been correctly built, meaning that they are free of errors. On the other hand, validation ensures that the systems models description matches the real-world system. Both verification and validation can be implemented using a set of modelling rules. The verification rules could be implemented and executed automatically by the systems modelling tool.

This service would reduce your cost, improve the quality of your systems models, and accelerate the modelling analysis and review process.

System Modelling Tool Customization

There is no one systems modelling tool yet that can satisfy all of an organization’s needs. Therefore, you need to start to customize if you want to increase your benefits from modelling. Although I try to avoid customization in general, I do support a generic way of implementing customization.

I encourage developing a customized solution that is reusable and maintainable while still targeting the goals and offering a reasonable return-on-investment. Normally, I accomplish this by communicating your needs to the tool vendors in a way that they can be addressed by the vendors’ out-of-the-box solutions. In this way, you get what you need without any additional cost.

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